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How to Get a Girl’s Attention; 26 smart Tips

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It can be difficult to get a girl’s attention and make her want you, but there are certain things you can do to increase your chances.

First, make sure you are being yourself and don’t try too hard to put on an act. Also, be sure to pay attention to the small details – girls will often notice things that you may not realize.

Finally, use your sense of humor and talk about things that interest her. By following these tips, you should be able to create a connection with any girl and make her want you.

There’s no surefire answer, but a few things may help.

20 Brilliant Ways to Capture a Girls Attention

1. Maintain strong eye contact

Maintain strong eye contact with the girl throughout the conversation.   Do not look at other girls or anything else in the room.  Concentrating on her eyes will show her that you are being completely honest when you say something to her, because your eyes are locked onto hers.

2. Dress well.

A girl can tell a lot about how well you take care of yourself by the way your clothes are groomed.  Make sure to keep facial hair trimmed, clean and neat.  If she is able to notice that you took time out of your day to look good for her, it will impress her.

3. Stay close to the girl you are talking to.

This shows that you are interested in what she has to say and gives her a sense of security.  Girls love it when they feel like they have some kind of claim over the guy.  If she feels more secure, she will be more likely to continue talking to you.  If she does not feel like the guy is interested in her, then she will move on.

4. Compliment the girl whenever possible.

You do not want to compliment all of the girls that you meet because it comes across as phony and insincere, but when it is appropriate, try to compliment the girl, don’t go overboard.  If a girl is wearing a dress that you like or her shoes are really cool, then tell her! girls love to be complimented and it makes them feel good about themselves when they know their date finds them attractive.

5. Show interest in what she has to say; ask questions!

One of the most common mistakes men make is thinking that they know everything about a certain topic.  In reality, no one knows everything about anything, including subjects that they have been working in for years.  If you ask a girl questions about her favorite subject or things she has done recently, then it will keep the conversation going.  It also shows that you are interested in her.  If she feels like you do not care about what she has to say, then the conversation will stop as quickly as it started.

6. Arrange a date as soon as possible!

After finding out information from the girl, try your best to arrange a date.  If the girl feels like you are not interested in dating her, then she will stop talking to you.

7. Try to be different from other guys.

Girls have a tendency to go for guys that are familiar or safe.  When they meet someone new, they tend to feel attracted if the guy is completely different from anyone that they have ever met before.  So stand out! if you are different, then she will want to get to know more about you.

8. Keep your hands in the right places!

When a girl is talking to you, DO NOT rest one of your hands on her leg or rub her back.   This is something that she will not appreciate.  Do not grab her hand or try to make physical contact with her unless you are already sitting next to each other.  If you are the guy, then the girl should be trying to make physical contact with you because guys are always supposed to initiate it.

9. Compliment her genuinely.

Do not always look for the perfect time to compliment her, but do it when you think she looks nice or has done something good.   If you are fake about complimenting her then it will come across as insincere and she will stop talking to you.

10. Wear a Smile always


Girls love guys that smile because it shows that they are not dangerous and also gives them a sense of confidence.  Letting a girl see your pearly whites will win over her heart every time.

If you follow these 10 simple steps, then there is no doubt that the girl will be more comfortable talking to you and allow herself to become interested in you.

11. Act uninterested at first.

A lot of guys make the mistake of coming off too strong or pushy when trying to talk with a girl.  If you act uninterested at first, then she will try talking to you more because it intrigues her even more.  She wants to find out why are you acting weird, is it because you are shy or do you not like me?  She will “try” to make you interested.

12. Avoid being predictable.

If you always try to plan the perfect thing to say, then it will come across as fake.  Make sure what you are saying is natural and not repetitive.

13. Ask for her number!

Once the date is over, do not just leave.  If you have a good time then ask for her phone number or how she plans on getting home so that you can make sure she gets there safely.

14. Don’t be too available!

If you are always around and always ask to hang out, then she will stop talking to you because it comes across as desperate.

15. Always be mysterious!

Girls love a man that can surprise her.  You may think that is impossible, but there are plenty of tricks that you can do in order to make yourself seem like a better and more intriguing person than you really are.

16. Be yourself!

At the end of the day, you should always be yourself and NEVER try to act like someone that you are not because it will clearly come across as fake and no girl would ever want to talk to a person like that anyway.  You do not want her to ask “what else are you hiding” within the first few sentences.

17. Show dominance!


Girls love a guy that can make them feel safe and secure, but be careful because you do not want to come across as dangerous.  For example, if she bumps into a wall or a piece of furniture while walking with you then put your hand on her shoulder but in a gentle way to show dominance without being too forceful.

18. Have a good sense of humour!

Girls always love a guy that can make them laugh.  You may be thinking that you are not funny, but everyone has their own sense of humour.  All you have to do is find out what kind of stuff she finds funny and then show her your version of it, but in your own way without coming across as trying too hard to get a laugh out of her.

19. Be mysterious!

Do not always talk about yourself but instead ask her questions that will intrigue her and make her want to know more about you without coming across as too interested since it will scare her away.

20. Show your softer side!

Sometimes guys are so caught up in being big and tough that they do not want to show their softer side, but there is nothing sexier than a guy that can be both.  You do not have to always be the tough guy or you will come across as dangerous.

21. Show interest in her Welfare

Nobody likes a guy that only cares about himself and not the girl, so make sure you ask her if she has had a good day or whether there is anything wrong as this will show her how much you actually care.

22. Keep an open mind!

Never judge a book by its cover, you never know what could be inside until you read it.  Always keep an open mind and be open to new things because you never know what will happen.

23. Make eye contact and smile when you see her.

A girl will pick up on a lot of signals from your body language before you even say a word. If you’re not confident, don’t expect her to be confident. It’s vital that you have a strong, confident posture and meet her gaze head-on. Smile as soon as she walks up to the bar, and keep the smile on your face until she leaves.

24. You could also try striking up a conversation


it doesn’t have to be anything profound, just something friendly to get the ball rolling. If she seems interested, you can take things from there.

If all else fails, you could always resort to buying her a drink or flowers. But remember that the most important thing is to be genuine and authentic – trying too hard can often have the opposite effect.

25. Stop being an attention seeker

If you want to get a girl’s attention, you should stop being an attention seeker. This will make you appear less desperate and more attractive. You should also avoid making eye contact with her for too long because this comes off as creepy.

Each time you meet someone you like you may act like nothing is happening. You may feel like you’re going crazy when someone you like doesn’t know what’s going on. Why is it that even though you’re trying to get their attention, they don’t see it?

This happens because people tend to show a different side of themselves when they’re attracted to someone.

Women try to be more approachable and men try to be more mysterious. They do this in order to play their cards right and not come off as too strong or too weak.

26. Let her notice you

For a girl to notice you, you need to be confident, When it comes to dating, confidence is key.

You need to be confident in yourself and your actions. If you are feeling unsure of yourself, then it is important that you try and find some time for yourself to work on your confidence levels.

This will help with your self-esteem and will make it easier for girls to notice you.


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