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100+ Romantic Miss You Messages

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You may be feeling like you’ve lost the person you love. It’s hard to think of anything else. You can’t stop crying, and you have a hard time doing anything else.

If this person is still in your life, then it’s important to let him or her know that they are not forgotten. You need to send a message that will make them feel loved and appreciated.

The key thing is that you need to communicate with them in a way that will make them feel valued and important in your life. In the light of this, we have collected 80 of the finest romantic and emotional miss you messages to send to people dear to your heart.

Romantic Miss You Messages

?Every time I see you, I fall more and more in love with you. I am really missing you!

I’m feeling homesick right now but because you’ve wrapped your arms around me and made me feel at home. My Love, you are much missed!

Loneliness doesn’t go away if I keep track of the minutes and seconds till we’re together once again. My heart aches for you, my sweetheart.

It’s hard for me to go through the day without thinking about you and your beautiful grin.

I miss you, and I can’t wait for the day when we can be together again.

When you’re not alongside me, the world seems different.

I don’t want to stay separated from you any longer since you are a gift in my life.

Your rightful place in my heart and mind is in my arms, not in my thoughts, so get out of my head. Return soon!

What a wonder it is to be able to hold you again after all these years.

Here, the scenery is lovely, but nothing compares to having you alongside me to enjoy it.

To have you in my life is something I never imagined, and I can’t wait to grasp your hand.

Your absence has left me with a deep sense of loss. When I return, I will show you how much I care about you.

It seems like every time I turn on a radio, a new song about how much I miss and long for you comes on.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you since you are my soulmate.

Whenever I see you again, I guarantee that we will be together forever.

I want to spend as much time with you as possible while you’re here. When you’re not here, time drags on interminably, and the only relief I can find is to daydream about you.

My heart bleeds that I can’t share these beautiful sunsets with you.

I long for the day when we can be together since every second without you brings me pain.

While the light is shining through the curtains, I miss waking up next to you and staring into your eyes.

Everything here reminds me of the angel I’m going to meet when I get home. Your absence is sorely felt.

While I miss you when you’re not here, there’s nothing like having you here to make me feel entire.

I get the distinct impression that you carry a significant portion of my heart with you everywhere you go. Please come back soon!

There is nothing I will not do to ensure that we are together again.

I Miss You Messages

Despite the fact that you’ve never left my thoughts or dreams, I miss you terribly.

The thought of being with you again makes me giddy with excitement. Without you, the world is a different place.

I’m not sure whether you miss me as much as I do. Is it possible for you to hear my heart pleading for yours?

To say anything to you but not be there by my side is the worst. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

Let’s make a pact that we’ll never part ways again. Even while we’re apart, let’s resolve to be close.

I miss you in ways I never thought possible and can’t wait to see you again.

I can’t wait to meet you in person and tell you how much I care.

How can I tell whether this is a real love affair? Saying good-bye is never easy.

I will always return to you, no matter how many seas there are in the globe.

I’d want to show you some of the most beautiful places in the world, and I hope you’ll join me.

There is a void in my life that can only be filled when we are face-to-face again.

It’s in my fantasies that I’ll run into you at the airport and kiss you goodbye to our time apart.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be back as soon as I can. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

I can’t wait to see you again and cuddle you in my arms again.

My thoughts and prayers are with you at all times while I am gone, and I hope to see you soon.

I need you, and I can’t wait to see you again when we can meet in person.

A breath of fresh air. As long as you’re gone, I’ll always want more and more, but I can’t get my hands on it since I miss you so much.

I can’t get through the night without you since you’re my source of light. Please come back soon!

Thank you so much for making my life so much better than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

I’d love it if you were here with me to share in all of these fantastic experiences.

I’ve never loved someone as much as I love you, and I can’t wait to finally meet you.

Romantic Miss You Quotes to Send to Him/Her

Romantic I Miss You Image

Missing someone is a common feeling that people can relate to. It is not something to be ashamed of and it does not mean that you are weak or incapable. It is a natural thing that everyone goes through. It is important to remember that missing someone does not mean you want them back in your life, it means you want what they gave you in your life. Many people find it hard to cope with the feeling of missing someone, but there are some things people can do to help them get through the tough time and feel better about themselves.

?Even before I have to go, he gives me a kiss and tells me he misses me.

What better way to remember those we’ve lost than by looking into their eyes and saying, “I miss you,” as if we were seeing them for the first time?

Missing the other person, or pretending that you don’t, is what hurts more to them.

Even after I’ve given up, my heart continues to look for you against my disapproval.

The first place I go to miss you is my heart. Because it’s the only place I can think of looking for you.

Tonight, when I gaze up at the night sky, I’m hoping to see you there.

However, despite everything, I want to remain human; I want to be thinking about him, even if just in my brain, since then I believe that he is still alive someplace.

In reality, you’ll never stop missing someone; you’ll simply learn to live with the enormous void they leave behind you.

In mathematics, what is the polar opposite of 2? The two of us are isolated from each other in our own ways.

Even if you never returned, I would miss you every day of my life.

For some people, there are times in their lives when they miss someone so much that they wish they could simply take them up and embrace them.

When he saw her, he felt as though she were gone from his life.

Miss You Messages

Romantic Miss U Messages Image

You know you have a special someone in your life when you can’t go a day without thinking about them.

Even though she was my best friend, she was also the one who could make my life miserable. And she would be missed by me.

Sometimes, missing someone is a positive thing since it indicates how important they are in your life by making you yearn for them.

Because I know I can rely on you to keep me warm amid the bitter winds.

I feel like I’m drowning in my need for you right now.

I wish we could have done everything on this planet together.

For everything that we’ve gone through, I can’t believe how much I still care about you.

Her more irrational tendencies. Her empathetic side I missed everything.

I miss you so much that my heart hurts for you at times.

When I give you a hug, it’s a sign that I need your help. A kiss for you implies I adore you. A call for you says I’m missing you.

How bizarre to dream about you even while I am completely awake.

Before you came into my life, I missed you so desperately.

Today is simply another day of trying to get by without you.

I miss your voice because it is a symphony; your perfume because it is a treasure; your smile because it is a gem; your embrace because it is a masterpiece; and your kiss because it is a miracle.

I keep myself busy with the things I do, yet every time I halt, I still think about you.

When you miss someone you collapse in pieces with affection, when you miss someone you have a desire to express it.

Our hours in love have wings; in absence, crutches.

However, despite everything, I want to remain human; I want to be thinking about him, even if just in my brain, since then I believe that he is still alive someplace.

I miss you severely. I miss you crazy. Whoever I’m with, whatever I do, no matter where I am, I am thinking about you.

I am always thinking about you, and I miss you very much. Oh, when will we meet again?

I left the light in my heart on in case you ever wanted to come back home.

I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you’re alone amid a room full of couples.

I only miss you while I’m breathing.

The sorrow of missing you is a wonderful reminder of the delight of loving you.

When you are missing someone, time appears to go slower, and when I’m falling in love with someone, it seems to be traveling quicker.

The reason it hurts so much to separate is that our spirits are intertwined.

To miss is not to suffer, but simply to cease suffering. Missing is the essence of need. It’s healthy to miss and be missed. That indicates you exist. Now you only have to also… Live.

My love is selfish. I cannot breathe without you.

Missing Someone Messages

Emotional Missin You Messages For Long Distance Relationship

What better way to remember those we’ve lost than by looking into their eyes and saying, “I miss you,” as if we were seeing them for the first time?

I’m still missing you. Well I think that I have, I guess that I have never truly had you.

I’ve missed you every single day we weren’t together from the minute I met you.

I miss you in ways that not even words can express.

I miss you and I want to be with you. It’s as simple, and as difficult as that.

Love is missing someone while you’re apart, yet nevertheless feeling warm within since you’re close in heart.

It’s hard when you miss folks. But you know if you miss them, it means you’re fortunate. It suggests you had someone exceptional in your life, someone worth missing.

I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you discover it is the day I will cease missing you.

My heart was devastated and my brain was just barely inhabitable.

When we miss someone, frequently, what we actually miss is the part of ourselves that this someone wakes.

Missing you is my pleasure, caring for you is my work, keeping you happy is my obligation, and loving you is my life.

As much as I miss you, my heart is yours.

I miss you passionately, unfathomably, senselessly, cruelly.

Life has been wonderful and life has been sad, but existence without you would be no life at all.

Life is so brief, so swiftly the lone hours go, we ought to be together, you and I.

We just separate to meet again.

Cute Miss You Messages

I Miss You Paragraph For Him Images

But I must say, I miss you rather severely. The world is too silent without you close.

I felt like I was leaving a piece of my soul behind the instant you departed. And every second that passes, I miss you like that, times a million.

Must I worry whether your thoughts are of me? If you are missing me, desiring me, producing heartbeats and poet-less phrases for me?

In case you ever naively forget: I am never not thinking about you.

How you can already miss someone while you are in the same room with them, I have no clue. But I do.

The awful thing about distance is you don’t know if they’ll miss you or forget you.

Missing someone enlightens how the individual means to you and broadens the sentiments exchanged.

No matter where I am, no matter where I go, your love is my northern light, I will always find my way home.

No matter where you go you will always be in my heart.

A key to retaining your spouse is persuading him to miss you. That keeps a marriage new.

Plant a nice seed in folks who have fertile hearts. When you are gone, they’ll miss you. When you are coming again, they can’t wait!

As long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still connected.

The point is that you drew this out in me. How could I desire it with anybody else?

The worst thing you can do if you miss or need someone is let them know it.

Rise up, smart up, say it loud. Soul, I will not lie to you. I’m all alone. I’m still missing you, missing you, missing you.

When you are not at hand to kiss away my concerns I cannot chose but feel unhappy.

Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you’re never separated, you’ll never truly know how strong your love is.

They say hope springs everlasting; my hope in this empty space is for it to be true. Though I cannot handle the emptiness that comes with missing you.

I’m actually understanding what it means to genuinely miss someone.

Missing someone, they argue, is self-centered. I self-center you more than ever.

I miss you every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, every hour of every day.

I want for you the insight to recognize that it’s good to miss something, but not want it back.

I miss you a bit. A little too much, a little too frequently, and a little bit more every day.

I believe part of me doesn’t want to remember him, for fear of missing him too much.

You know you have a special someone in your life when you can’t go a day without thinking about them.

Yes, the evenings are the toughest part in missing you. Too much time and not enough to keep me engaged. So my thoughts go to you, to missing you.

Romantic Miss You Paragraphs

Nothing makes a space seem emptier than wanting someone in it.

Perhaps one day we will meet again as characters in a new novel, maybe we’ll share a lifetime then.

Missing you is one of the delights of my life.

Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling imaginable.

It’s remarkable how many ways there are to miss someone. You miss the things they did and who they were, but you also miss who you were to them. The way everything you said and did was beautiful or interesting or significant. How much you meant.

Those who believe time cures all wounds are kidding themselves. All it has done is given me more time to ponder about how much I miss you.

Trees silent without the birds, My heart quiet without you.

Poets employ endless words to explain their grief, but I just need three: I miss you.

For when the chilly wind blows, I shall shut my eyes gently, knowing I am linked to you.

My heart is so heavy from missing you that it screams out for you.

Emotional Missing You Messages

I Miss You Messages Quotes

I think about you frequently, whether it’s with my head or my emotions.

The most lovely discovery good friends make is that they may develop independently without growing apart.

I don’t know what they are called, the gaps between seconds – but I think of you constantly in those times.

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.

If you think missing me is hard, then you should try missing you.

There’s consolation in the knowledge that I will never quit missing her.

Knowing someone isn’t coming back doesn’t mean you ever stop waiting.

You’re everywhere but right here and it hurts.

You realize how much you genuinely miss someone when anything occurs, good or terrible, and the one person you want to tell is the one person who isn’t there.

If I miss you much harder, my heart could come hunting for you.

The heart is as transparent as the depths of the ocean; One can only see till the light is gone.

Think I’ll miss you forever. Like the stars miss the light in the mornin’ sky.

You may love someone so much, but you can never love people as much as you can miss them.

I miss everything about him. I miss the chats that we used to have. I miss his companionship, his smile, and his compassion. But most of all, I miss his affection.

I wonder if that’s really how it feels to miss someone so deeply — like getting stabbed in the belly a little bit, each time you think of them.

Sometimes, when one person is absent, the entire globe looks depopulated.

A single individual is absent for you, and the entire world is empty.

If I had a single flower for every time I thought of you, I could wander forever in my garden.

Every day there will be a combination of cheerful miss-you sentiments, and I’m delighted to state that.

Absence from someone we love is terrible than death, and destroys hope severer than despair.

The best way to nurture a relationship is by sending a miss you message.  You can also remind them of all the good times that you had together and why you can’t wait to reunite. It’s important to send these messages because it will make the other person feel better about themselves and know that they were not forgotten.

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