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10 Things Women Do that Drive Men Away

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Most men feel as though they are put in positions they find uncomfortable in a relationship by their partner and when not addressed ultimately lead to unhappiness and the eventual break up.

The feeling of being trapped and giving him enough space

One of the many things that drives men away in a relationship is the feeling of being trapped. Men want to be free and they want to be able to have enough space for other things that are important in their life.

Men are driven away from a relationship because they feel like they are being suffocated by their partner. This can happen when the woman is too controlling or tries to dictate how he should live his life.

Men and women have different needs and expectations when it comes to relationships. If a woman is not giving her man enough space, he will start to feel suffocated and get frustrated. This can lead to him withdrawing from the relationship or even cheating on her.

Showing lack of self worth

Are you always afraid that he will lose interest in you and so have to agree with him everytime thereby bending back and forth to his every whim.

Trying to satisfy a partner is a lose-lose situation. It’s exhausting and demeaning, and it’s not fair for either of you to have to bend over backwards in order to accommodate the other.

The dangerous thing about a person who has low self esteem is they don’t realize they have it. They often disagree with themselves, making them look extra agreeable. They often feel like they are not worth the time of others, and will do anything to keep people around them happy.

Nagging him

Women can be just as guilty of driving men away as men are. When we nag our partner to do chores or make changes in their life, it doesn’t usually work. Nagging is a form of emotional abuse and any time a woman does this to a man, he will feel attacked and will probably react in an aggressive way.

Being judgmental

There are many things women do that drive men away. One of these is being too judgmental. Men are attracted to women who are kind, understanding and sympathetic. If you want to be with a great guy, start by treating him with kindness and respect.

Asking for too many favors

It’s not uncommon for a woman to ask her man to run her errands or pick up the dry cleaning. If you’re asking for too many favors, you might be making him an unofficial man servant without even realizing it. This can be be a really big turn off in relationship for men.

Having problems getting along with your man’s friends and families

Having problems getting along with your man’s friends and families is one of the things that drive men away from a lady in a relationship.

It’s not easy for a woman to get along with his man’s friends and family, but it’s even harder when he has no idea how to approach them.

If you are struggling to make friends and have no idea how to approach your man’s friends and family, then this article is for you!

Talking down to your man like he’s a small child

Men in relationships with women are oftentimes made to feel like children and it is one of the things that drives them away from a woman. It is important for a woman to be able to have a conversation with her man without being condescending or belittling his masculinity.

You ask for his advice, and then insist on doing it your way

It’s common for women to disregard their man’s opinions or advice. This will drive them away and limit your chances of forming a healthy relationship that can provide you with the help you need.

Women need to understand how their actions affect their relationships with men and the people around them. They can start by taking a step back and listening to what is being said, rather than insisting on doing it their way.

Comparing him with your Ex

A big turn off to men is comparing them to your Ex. Men are not just the same as women, but they also have their own unique traits and qualities. There is no point in comparing them with someone else because it will not make the man you are with feel better about himself.

Criticizing him so badly

A big turn off for men is their woman criticizing them so badly. This is a big turn off for them and they’re not interested in dating women who do that.

This type of criticism can be very damaging to a relationship and can make men feel like they’re not good enough for their partner.

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